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BIOCORP is a brand of high quality prepared microbiology media for the clinical, industrial and veterinary market. We have been successfully supplying the Polish in vitro diagnostics market since 1997. Our laboratories work on state of the art high capacity production lines. Biocorp holds the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System certificates. All our products possess the CE certificate. We also act as distributor for leading international reagent and laboratory equipment makers. We offer a wide range of over 460 own prepared media, but we also supply clients with special formulation tailored products. We supply the Polish market and export to other European markets.

Our prepared media are available on petri dishes, in tubes, gravimetric bags and bottles.

BIOCORP makes products of highest quality and reliability, they are manufactured under strict quality assurance procedures and every batch has been:


- tested at each stage of the production process;

- compliant with all current industry standards;

- validated and tested for its applications (detection, enumeration);

- packaged to withstand adverse storage and transport conditions;


BIOCORP also offers dehydrated microbiology media, rapid in vitro tests, and other reagents for the bacteriology laboratory. We also provide miscellaneous disposable laboratory equipment and supplies.


Owing to the very competent production staff, highest quality of our products, and a team of qualified representatives, BIOCORP is able to provide unmatched customer service level. We act promptly, taking equal care of large and small customers.



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